24 August 2008

■Hawaiian Getaway / Adrian Tomine (Favorite Quote)

Hawaiian Gataway (Summer Blonde) by Adrian Tomine


  1. it's a bit of forcing (pretending). and a bit of alcohol. and the comfort of friends. when they all work together (pretending, alcohol, friends) it's much easier to "have a good time."

  2. It is easier just to get on with it. Many people have a perfectly happy time with forcing, alcohol and friends. Although I simply is not one of them. It's not easy to fill a void with such kinds of things. Having a good time is easier, in a positive and negative way. But it's sure it would be greatly better to have a good time. I know that. Sometime, If I could have a chance to be on a perfect rendition for forcing myself to act happy, then I would try it. A bit things (pretending, alcohol, friends) would help me, as you said.
    Oh dear..., You comforted me?! and then maybe you would offer me alcohol next!

  3. The most important parts are friends and alcohol. If those parts are good, the "pretending" turns into reality. Fantasy becomes reality for a little while! Good feelings from the alcohol, friends, and music come together and mix. It becomes a mixture of good feelings from good friends, good music, and good alcohol. It's relaxing and not caring what other people think because, well, who gives a shit what other people think?
    I'm glad you were comforted, though. What kind of alcohol would you like to be offered?

  4. oh yeah? are you a pure hard drinker? do you like your men the same as you like your drinks..? I'll drink a whiskey for ya..

  5. Whiskey in coffee?!
    To be honest with you, I drink only sweet one, Kahlua & Milk, Moscow Mule, Plum wine... Oh, I like wine! I don't drink whiskey, but I think Irish Coffee (Whiskey in coffee) is lovely.
    By the way, I haven't updated here for a long time... I think I'll update something sometime soon. I read a good book today.
    And I started a new project here. I write photo diary there at a whim the same as here!!

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