23 January 2010

■ Finding Forrester (Favorite Quote)

William: You better stir that soup.
Jamal: What?
William: Stir the soup before it firms up.
Jamal: How come ours get anything on it?
William: Come on. Closer. What I have is an adult male. Quite pretty.
Probably strayed from the park. A Connecticut warbler.
Jamal: You ever go outside to do any of this?
William: You should have stayed with the soup question.
The object of a question is to obtain information that matters only
to us.
You were wondering why your soup doesn't firm up?
Probably because your mother was brought up in a house
...that never wasted milk in soup.
That question was a good one,
in contrast to, "Do I ever go outside?"
which fails to meet the criteria of obtaining
information that matters to you.
Jamal: All right. I guess I don't have any more soup questions.

Finding Forrester