23 January 2010

■ Finding Forrester (Favorite Quote)

William: You better stir that soup.
Jamal: What?
William: Stir the soup before it firms up.
Jamal: How come ours get anything on it?
William: Come on. Closer. What I have is an adult male. Quite pretty.
Probably strayed from the park. A Connecticut warbler.
Jamal: You ever go outside to do any of this?
William: You should have stayed with the soup question.
The object of a question is to obtain information that matters only
to us.
You were wondering why your soup doesn't firm up?
Probably because your mother was brought up in a house
...that never wasted milk in soup.
That question was a good one,
in contrast to, "Do I ever go outside?"
which fails to meet the criteria of obtaining
information that matters to you.
Jamal: All right. I guess I don't have any more soup questions.

Finding Forrester


  1. I'm happy to hear you like that movie. It's a pretty good movie!

  2. This movie is pretty good. I haven't watched it in AGES, though. Did you know that the movie was loosely based on the writer of Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger? I think he just died recently, too. maybe last month.

    Here's a song I already shared, but with a new, beautiful video.
    simply a beautiful video..

    Have you seen the new Animal Collective?

  3. oops! I don't think my links work. Try these.

    Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (animation)

    Animal Collective


  4. I heard the news about his death on the radio on that day. It's a shame that he has only left a few books.
    "Finding Forrester" is based on him?! I didn't know that, but the movie reminded of me Salinger, actually. Like he spent his life in retirement despite he was a very famous writer. Hmmm.

    Thank you for the beautiful video. Cardboard art in the video is so lovely. I like that taste very much. It reminds me of a movie "The Science of Sleep". Dreams and reality all to connect together...

    Animal Collective's one is in very their color. Psychedelic and grotesque... Sometimes I pick up the eggs as I listen to music.

  5. You haven't posted a new entry in forever!!!

    Another fact: Haruki Murakami translated JD Salinger's "A Catcher In The Rye" and he liked the book but he thought the story felt incomplete. The story becomes darker and darker, and the main character Holden Caufield, never finds his path out of the darkness.. And Murakami felt that JD Salinger could never find his path out of the darkness too...

    Another entry please!!

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfamTmY5REw

  7. I'm sorry that I have left this blog for quite a while!
    I'll post something new one soon.
    Thank you for your request :)

    Murakami is concerned with American literature. He also translated F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" and many other American literature. I can understand what Murakami felt in the novel "A Catcher in the Rye". There is a darkness surely as he said.

    The video is so hilarious! Ben Foooolds!! He is so genius!!