20 October 2009

■ Je m'appelle Elisabeth

That's when Dad said to me, 
"Everything's all right. It's over, Betty."
And I said,
"Call me Elisabeth."

Je m'appelle Elisabeth


  1. I don't know this movie. Have you seen it? Is it any good?

    I think I should start hanging out at Laundromats more often, just as long as my buttons don't disappear.

  2. If you see that movie from an adult point of view, the story may be exaggerating a little, may be slight things, and nothing at all. If you see it from a 10-year-old girl's standpoint, the world is everything and real. The impression of the movie would be different depending on you see it from what standpoint. I think that movie is quite good.

    If you see the other girl living in the launderette, please ask her if she has my buttons too. Sometimes I lost my buttons and can find forever... I like the bitter sweet taste in the video!

  3. i haven't been able to find that movie anywhere. perhaps it only existed for you.


  4. The Coral!! makes me feel nostalgic... I saw their gig when I visited London a few years ago. I recall the day with nostalgia.
    oh.., sorry, that movie doesn't exist for you?? I wish I could share my dream movie ;p

  5. I stumbled across your blog when I was looking on the internet about Kafka on the Shore which is my favourite book of all time. I love your blog and your photodiary. They are seriously so so cool! I will follow you from now on. P.s. I see you like England- I am from London!

  6. Thank you, The French Doll :D My blogs have been less active these days, though^^ I like your taste in your blog too! Your photos are so nice. Brilliant! I love the color of your photos. and I like the movie "Goodbye Lenin!" too.
    I'm glad to hear you like Kafka on the Shore. Kafka~ is my favorite book in Murakami's so far.

    Yes. I like England very much** cultures, music, movies and scones!

  7. Thank you, I am so pleased you like my blog :-) It sounds as though we have many interests in common. I love Kafka on the Shore, even though I am still trying to figure out all it's meanings I just know it is very special. I look forward to your future updates, whenever you have the time! And I hope my blog will continue to be interesting and get better. By the way you speak excellent English! From the French Doll

  8. I seem to be obsessed with the Man Man video.

    I researched the girl from the video, and her name is Charlyne Yi. She's a comedian/musician/actress and she's in a movie called Paper Heart, which features many other young comedians. It's a "mockumentary" about how she doesn't believe in love, so she travels the country and listens to people's real personal stories about how they fell in love. Along the way she starts dating the actor Michael Cera.


    I watched the movie and, to be honest, it wasn't very good. The "mockumentary" part was way too self-aware and not very realistic at all. It's not real, and it's very easy to see that it's not real. The best parts were when people told the true stories about how they fell in love. The real stories are pretty interesting. but there are too many "happy" endings, in my opinion. There wasn't enough about the nature of love. or why people fall out of love.

    I really WANTED to like this movie, but I was disappointed. There were DEFINITELY some good parts. but. most of it not so good. I suggest renting it and then skipping the mockumentary parts.

    If you happen to see it, please post what you think!

  9. Thank you~, the French Doll. Writing is better for me. I am hopeless at speaking English, though^^ It sounds like Kafka on the Shore is very special for you. Indeed, there is something special in the book. I feel that. Every time I read Kafka on the Shore, I notice something new. Everything in the story is like a metaphor, like Oshima said in the book. Well, obviously my blog title came from that Oshima's words, "Everything is a metaphor." ;)

  10. Paper Heart wasn't good for you? I can imagine what you mean, when a movie you anticipate seeing very much wasn't so good. It's really disappointing. Paper Heart hasn't been released here in Japan, I think. It means there is no Japanese subtitles. I can't understand everything without Japanese subtitles :'x I want to see the movie very much. I'm interested in Charlyne Yi! That's why I like the Man Man video ;) She is so cute. I heard she broke up with Michael Cera, but I'm not sure. She is also a musician? I didn't know that!
    Anyway, I hope the movie come to Japan.

  11. I agree. Charlyne Yi is very Very cute. But unfortunately, she's not a very good actress... And yes, she's kind of a musician. In the Paper Heart movie, she wrote and played a song on the guitar for Micheal Cera. But I don't know how much of a REAL musician she is. In America, many people learn how to play the guitar and maybe they write songs. but those songs might not be very good.

    Were she and Michael Cera REALLY dating? They started dating in the movie, but in real life were they boyfriend-and-girlfriend? Right now, people are starting to not like Michael Cera so much because he always plays the same type of character in movies. Every movie, he's the same person. Unfortunately, I kind of agree. I would like to see him do something different.

    Like I said, Charlyne Yi is really cute, and the movie looked good, and I really wanted to like the movie, but I was disappointed...

    oh well. It happens.

  12. Dave Elsewhere is a machine...

  13. Indeed, he is a well-made machine ;) Amazing!